About Posthumous Plans


1. Occurring or appearing after the death of the originator.

Posthumous Plans was set up in 2013, following four years of academic and on-site research into the history of the old County of Huntingdonshire, within Cambridgeshire, England.

The company is the passion of its founder Jason Peters (MA Hons Landscape Architecture, Edinburgh. Adv. Dip. Historic Environment, Cambridge), who combines his landscape and historic environment interests to produce a series of wall plans that depict elements of our ‘lost’ landscape in a graphic style paying homage to County map makers of previous Centuries.

The long-term objective of Posthumous Plans is to gradually cover a larger geographic area and broader range of subject matter to further our understanding of the historic environment. Such plans additionally enable a wise-use of sensitive and sympathetic restoration for those with the influence and funding to make such changes to the local landscape, i.e. planners, developers and land owners. Should you wish to be informed of the launch of subsequent plan titles, kindly enter your details on the form accessed by clicking here

Sources of primary and secondary documentation that led to Jason’s discoveries were recorded from the Anglo-Saxon to Victorian eras, a time span of over one thousand years. The medieval perambulation texts were transcribed and translated by Jason from the original Medieval abbreviated Latin, making these resources available to a wider audience.

As those people (scribes, clerics, justices of forest law, cartographers and historians) who recorded elements of the landscape of the study area have since passed away, and for that matter many of the landscape elements reconstructed on his plans have ceased to exist, the adjective ‘posthumous’ – appearing after the death of the originator’, seemed an appropriate appellation to describe the created plans, hence the sole trader company name and trade mark.


About Jason Peters

Jason returned to England in 2009 following twelve years working and living abroad on landscape and ecological enhancement projects that took him to East Africa, Madagascar, South East Asia and the Mediterranean. He then spent a few years in Central Europe before returning to London, England. Jason is now based in Cambridgeshire and regularly travels to London whilst undertaking an MPhil/PhD in Archaeology at UCL’s Institute of Archaeology. http://www.ucl.ac.uk/archaeology

As a born and bred local of Huntingdonshire, on his return to England, Jason researched the site of Sapley Park Farm, Huntingdonshire, which was farmed by his paternal grandfather and great uncle. (1942-1977).

The history of the Sapley Park Farm site and its relevance to the Royal Forest of Sapley inspired him to research the forest history of the whole County, mapping it in its entirety for the first time in recorded history, and concurrently to complete an advanced diploma course in Historic Environment as a mature student at Cambridge University, where his findings in rediscovering the lost forest history of the County were acknowledged by renown academics.

Jason also operates a landscape and garden design service, public speaking events and conducts environmental and historic research consultancy work. If you are interested in any of these services, kindly send an enquiry through this webpage, or alternatively view his online portfolio and make contact via that portal at www.jasongpeters.co.uk