Environmental and Social Responsibility

Environmental Responsibility

The production, printing, paper, packaging, and transportation resulting from the activities of Posthumous Plans results in the emission of greenhouses gases, mainly carbon dioxide which contributes significantly to global climate change.

As an Environmental consultant, designer and researcher, I do not want to add to this worrying phenomenon. In order to mitigate these emissions, I have planted a small nursery of around two hundred endemic Oak trees (Quercus robur) and other ornamental hardwoods on the historic estate of Piotrowice Nyskie, Silesia, Poland.

The English – Polish husband and wife team of Jim and Anna Parton are restoring the Prince-Bishop’s palace and grounds of Piotrowice Nyskie in a highly ambitious yet rewarding project. I became good friends with the family following the development of a landscape restoration plan for their historic estate, and have seen their trials and tribulations, and continued successes.

As the tree saplings mature (planted in 2010 with Anna and Jim’s children as pictured below), they will be transplanted around the estate to re-establish woodland shelter belts and parkland, and additionally suck up tonnes of carbon dioxide as they grow and mature, thus offsetting the commercial activities of Posthumous Plans and provide an ecological and historically sympathetic resource.


The Parton children assisting in the planting of acorns, 2010.

For anyone traveling to Poland, I would heartily recommend a detour to stay at this incredible site close to the Czech border in the foothills of the Sudety Mountains, and for Rugby fans, I would strongly recommend the Piotrowice Nyskie International Rugby Festival that Jim organizes in the village as an annual event in August.

Packaging used by Posthumous Plans is recycled and recyclable.

In order to minimize carbon emissions and environmental impact, I am purposely not making the plans for sale on this website available with a glazed wooden frame (I’m sure you have a local framer who would welcome your custom, and your own interior décor style to match!).

Please visit the Links section for recommended framers in the Huntingdon area.

Social Responsibility

Posthumous Plans is a commercial venture that has taken several years of research and investment to establish, however, as I would like to disseminate as much information as possible to a wider audience, please note the free downloadable pdf files that will shortly be available on this website that describe in greater detail the resources, research and evidence that enabled the production of the Posthumous Plans TM. LINK.

In grateful acknowledgement of the assistance and cooperation of individuals at the below listed establishments, hard copies of the complete series of copyrighted plans have been deposited and are available for public viewing :

• Huntingdon Archives, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire
• Cambridge Archives, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire
• Gonville and Caius Library, Cambridge University
British Library, London


I will gladly consider requests from academic researchers on a case-by-case basis, and offer a discounted service for academic institutions with a connection to the study area.

Additionally, I often undertaken landscape and garden designs for schools, orphanages and ‘worthy causes’, free of charge.

Please see my online portfolio and click on the charity work title under portfolio on the top right bar at www.jasongpeters.co.uk